Heritage Listed Design Projects


The Brisbane City Hall was officially reopened to the public on Saturday, 6 April 2013. Dennis Cairns + Associates was proud to be a part of the 2010–2012 restoration project. As the Hall was originally built on swampy ground; This has caused the iconic building to suffer from many internal and external problems including: subsidence, concrete cancer, a lack of reinforcing in the concrete and old wiring. The Brisbane City Council has set up a taskforce to address these issues, and Dennis Cairns and Associates was brought on as a hydraulic design consultant.

To undergo large scale restoration works, Brisbane City Hall was closed until April 2013. The restoration works involved replacement of all building services, including hydraulic systems all the way up to the historic dome and auditorium. Conservation of the original heritage surfaces and building façade was key.

  • 333 Ann Street, Brisbane
  • Brisbane City Hall Redevelopment (Shown)

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